After Life Care

mem    The hardest part of loving a pet is having to say goodbye. For many of us pets are so much more than just pets, they are family. Deciding how to handle a beloved pet’s final life stages can be extremely challenging. As both animal lovers and veterinary professionals, we here at Ocmulgee Veterinary Clinic want to support you when it is time to make end of life decisions.


Things to consider when decisions approach


  • You are still have some control of the situation. While you might feel powerless when your pet is diagnosed with a terminal disease, you can still be proactive about their care. Your veterinarian  will go over the expected course of the disease and form a treatment plan to keep your pet comfortable each step of the way.


  • Humane euthanasia is a peaceful process and can be a final act of love for you and your pet.  The American Veterinary Medical Association has approved specific methods to minimize your pet’s pain, discomfort and anxiety. Pet owners often find comfort by how quickly, quietly, and peacefully an animal passes away during euthanasia.


  • We will continue to help after your pet’s death, whether you chose a take home burial or a cremation service our veterinary staff can make arrangements with you to help make it a less stressful situation. We have partnered  Stanley Petuary in Dublin, Ga to offer several options for the care of your pet after death. Stanley Petuary offers cremation, funeral services, urns, and other memorial items for  your pet.


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