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Pets are not only curious to explore their surrounding and will some time wander outside the boundaries of home. Even if your pet stays indoors, unexspected events such as natural disasters, house fires and other unplanned incidents leave pets unprotected. It is important to get your pet electronically identified with a microchip that contains a unique, permanent, tamper-proof identification number.

A microchip is as small as a grain or rice, and is easily implanted under the skin of your pet between its shoulder blades.  Microchips can be placed in canines and felines. Microchipping is no more painful than any other vaccine or injection. For example, it feels about the same as a flu vaccine that a human receives. Unlike other procedures microchip placement does not require anesthesia, but if your pet is having a procedure done and you would like microchipping, we can do it at the same time.

Once the microchip is placed the pet owner will receive a packet with information about the microchip and how to register it. The chip must be registered in order for it to contain your information. Registration is quick and easy, and keeps your information leliasafe and protected. With your registration you receive 24/7/365 access to the recovery hotline and free lost pet posters with your pets photo. Unlike ID tags and collars microchips can not be removed increasing the chances of being reunited with your beloved pet should you ever be unexpectedly separated.

Microchip your pet today and give your pet a silent voice, and yourself peace of mind that you beloved pet will find its way home.