At Ocmulgee Veterinary Clinic we offer a variety of surgical procedures. Each surgical procedure takes place in our surgical room which is equipped with a heated surgical table, anesthesia monitoring equipment, and inhalant anesthesia vaporizer. During each surgery the veterinarian is accompanied by a trained veterinary technician that monitors each patient’s vitals to make sure all levels are stable. After surgery each patient is moved into a recovery kennel where he/she is monitored throughout the remainder of the day. We do require most surgeries to stay over night. The over night stay helps insure that your pet is in a controlled setting while they are coming out of anesthesia and it also allows us to recheck your pet the morning after surgery to make sure the incision looks well and that the pain level is under control.


We offer the following soft tissue procedures:

  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Mass Excisions
  • Dental procedures

Some specialty soft-tissue and orthopedic procedures are offered and can be discussed on a case-to-case basis.  When there is a procedure that needs more advanced surgical treatment, we will work with you to find a specialty hospital  or university that offers the best care options for your pet.


Dental  Care

Dental disease is a very common health concern in pets and can lead to very serious health conditions if left untreated. We provide annual dental exams or every patient during wellness visits. When it comes time to have teeth cleaned or removed with can discuss the procedure that is needed for your pet’s needs.


Surgery Preperation

  1. Your pet does not need to eat or drink anything after 12am the night before the surgery.
  2. Make sure to have you pet at the office for check-in between 8:15am -8:30am the day of surgery. ( Drop offs the night before can be arranged if needed.)
  3. Allow 5-10 mins to fill out paperwork and talk to the office staff about any concerns you may have.
  4. If you are sending someone in your place, please make sure they have all the information needed to drop your pet off for surgery.


After Surgery at Home Care

  1. Restrict activity for 7-10 days to prevent damage to the incision.
  2. Keep the incision clean and dry.
  3. No bath or water play until sutures are removed or 10 days post-op.
  4. If your pet begins to lick or chew at the incision at anytime, please call the office to get an E-collar to prevent damage to the incision site.
  5. If your pet has sutures, please bring back in 7-10 days post op to have them removed.